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My name is Sean Rakidzich and I help people create an automated short-term rental business using my system.

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The first place you should go to for support is the Facebook group. Our team at Cracking Superhost is here to answer your questions. If your question still doesn’t get answered, you can specifically tag one of my team.

Group Q&A Calls

If you have a more in depth question, save it for one of the LIVE Q&A calls. These calls are hosted in a way that Sean can un-mute you so you can speak with him 1 on 1. I will post the link to join in the group and send the link to your email.

Re-Watch Training

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99% of the time when you have a question, it’s inside the course & plug n play sheets. We have a module titled "resource files" that has all of the resource files for the course.